Nutrition coaching for those on a journey of personal power.

  • Have you felt stuck regressing or treadmilling at the status quo?
  • Do you think you’ve got a lot of untapped potential?
  • Are you ready to feel confident with your nutrition, capable with your body, comfortable in your own skin, and complete with mind and body strength?
  • Have you tried diets and no matter how much effort the results were non existent or rebounded quicker than you can say Weight Watchers
Look, we’ve been down every road with nutrition as coaches.

We’ve recommend diets in the past.

They were great on paper and we patted ourselves on the back.

As successful as they were, the results were fleeting and didn’t last.

We bought into the paleo and clean eating propaganda. Sure, we still use some principles and recommend wholesome food, but it would take an uncanny level of tunnel vision for us to not recognize that people can have more varied diets and still be successful. Plus, the strictness wasn’t compatible and people fell off the wagon after a few weeks, at best.

We set out to find simple advice that met at the intersection of effective and realistic.

You see, diets don’t work. If they did, millions of people in the U.S alone would not be overweight or have negative relationships with food.

To our way of thinking, nutrition is more than a set of rules to follow.

It’s intimately woven into the fabric of your life –how you celebrate, show appreciation, and socialize all a piece of this net.

If you want to be successful you need to rely on habits that form the backbone of a solid nutrition foundation that serves your body without causing you unnecessary stress or anxiety around food.

If you want to fuel your body to feel and perform at its best, keep reading.

Personal Nutrition Coaching To Transform Yourself


Learn solutions to find how to eat long term, without having to diet ever again.


We’ll give you easy access to our program to connect with us, read important lessons, and practice at your own pace.


Life can be crazy, so make progress without detracting from the most important things in your life.


Learn practical solutions to help you thrive whether it’s a buffet, wedding, or social event.


This is not a course in health and fitness. Instead, we’ll teach you how to live a fit and healthy life.


Small practices. Massive results.


Form your own nutritional Avengers with your coach.


Our partners at Precision Nutrition have tested this program with more than 50,000.


If you follow our program and don’t get in the best shape of your life, it’s free.


With a few keystrokes or digits, you can reach your coaching team for support and questions.

Start feeling like yourself again.

Results are guaranteed. Try getting that from your local trainer.

If you want a grueling workout where you feel like you’re sacrificing your nutritional sins on the altar of exercise, you’re in the wrong place. If however, your health is important to you and you want a solution that integrates your lifestyle and your health goals, you’re in the right place.

Nutrition is the key to weight loss, you know this. But exercise has independent health benefits separate from nutrition. To look and feel your best you need both in your life.

It’s not about the…bananas?

My Aunt once retorted that she shouldn’t eat bananas because they were too high in sugar when I suggested more fruits and vegetables.

Thanks to my impulsive tongue and poor sense of boundaries I replied, “I’ve never sat down with someone and said, Ya know, Bob. Everything looks good. But you just too many damn bananas!”

It’s not about the X’s and O’s of nutrition. Yes, you need a base knowledge. Yes, you should know how to make healthy choices. We believe most people have sufficient knowledge necessary to make jaw-dropping transformations.
What they lack is action.

At PeakFAST, DOING is more important than KNOWING. And ACTION more important than INFORMATION.

The lifestyle piece is the glue that holds the program together. Otherwise it’s just workouts and nutrition suggestions.

While the X’s nad O’s tell the story, every one knows there’s more to it than that. Otherwise any diet book or Google search would yield the power to transform.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could open up your head, dump information in, and then have you go eat, move, and think differently?

You know it’s not that way and if you’re looking for an intense education on nutrition, it isn’t this program.

If you are looking for structure and direction to take action on simple nutrition principles that can literally transform how you feel and look, you’ll love this program.

Home, hotels, and health clubs.

Success isn’t dependent upon the number of times you make it into the gym. We’ll take personal training to the next level by equipping you with solutions that allow you to succeed in any arena.

Whether you travel, are landlocked with children, or have your own facility we can meet your needs.


1How is this program delivered?
This is an online coaching program, although if you are local you can meet with us face-to-face.

We use an online coaching platform that allows you to connect with your coach, receive feedback, and perform your daily tasks related to nutrition habits and lessons.
2Can online training actually work?
For the right person, yes.

You get out of it what you put into it. Take it from Anne who’s lost over 60 pounds as an online client.

If you are not able to make it into our gym or the same gym consistently this might be the perfect program for you.

If you enjoy feedback, training without coordinating with a trainer’s schedule, and desire accountability you will thrive with this program.
3Is it affordable?
The average boot camp class costs $200 per month. This is for no customized workouts, no customized nutrition plan, and no accountability or follow through.

This program is a customized for you and costs $249 per month. It’s your one-stop shop for success.
4What does this nutrition coaching consist of?
We will cover:

- What to eat
- When to eat
- How much to eat; and most importantly
- How to make nutrition compatible with your life

We DON’T hand out meal plans. We DO focus on integrating healthy foods YOU like into your plan.

We DON’T endlessly count calories (people get tired of doing algebra every meal). We DO focus on building lasting habits that make you look like a pro when it comes to nutrition and outlast your desire to track.

We DON’T require you change everything at once. We DO focus on strategically building skills that allow you to finally achieve nutritional mastery.

We DON’T hand you a bunch of material, say, “Here ya go, client!” and pat ourselves on the back. We DO utilize a high level of accountability, follow-up, and refining that isn’t for everyone.
5What kind of additional support will I receive?
You’ll connect with other PeakFAST clients (if you desire) to celebrate successes, share recipes, and even challenge each other.

You’ll build friendships, be part of a private community, and receive regular accountability check-ins. If you need additional support, you’ll work with your client-coach team to build strategies and solutions to meet your fitness and health needs at every turn.

Again, we use a high level of accountability that is for people who are looking to make serious and lasting changes to their health!

One More Thing…

You’ve been waiting for a program that can fit the unique needs of your life—take the next step today and start moving toward your goals.

There are plenty of excuses as to why not getting into the gym has limited your success. But we’ve brought our successful brick-and-mortar business online with a complete solution to your challenges.

You can do it alone, and maybe you’ve tried that. It comes down do a few simple questions:
  • Do you want coaching to take you to the next level?
  • Are you ready and willing to make changes?
  • What would it mean to have dedicated coaches whose dedication matches yours?
I’m confident that you can reach your “peak” and achieve more than you ever thought possible with how you feel, perform, and look.

Start your transformation today. Click below.