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February 12, 2018

My Predictions

Here’s a line to get you hyped:

A professional does not show off.  This doesn’t mean the professional doesn’t throw down a 360 tomahawk jam from time to time, just to let the boys know he’s still in business.

This is my favorite quote from The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

My bonus son has been taking some flack from his peers lately. I’ve come to the conclusion that all kids exist asshole-ishly.

That being said, I walk around with hands eternally fixed in the karate chop position. To the point I need two hands to hold a toothbrush. I’ve got a badge that says “Resident Chop Buster”. I bust the chops (all the chops) of our kids for making messes, not picking them up, and procrastinating homework. I feel like I’m channeling my mother through my veins. My mom is a consummate chop buster. Sensei is the only appropriate address.

Despite my nagging, my bonus son is dedicated and professional when it comes to his craft. He trains early on weekends, throughout the week, and never turns down work.

I suspect that annoyance follows after his peers’ attempts to throw him off his game are stifled by his ability to throw down the proverbial 360 tomahawk jam.

He is doing work while the others aren’t. That’s pro.

The War of Art caricatures people as amateurs and professionals and the intangible, internal obstacles to success as the resistance.

The professional shows up, does his job, and dismisses the resistance. The amateur does not.

Procrastination is the most common expression of the resistance. It’s the easiest to intellectualize.

“I’ll start the diet tomorrow.”

“Starting Monday, I’m back on track.”

It’s insidious and seductive. We’re not saying no, we’re just saying right now.

No. You’re saying not ever.

The resistance isn’t an overwhelming force. It’s a steady and unrelenting current.

Is the busy holiday season your rationalization for putting your health off? Have you validated in your own mind the will of your resistance over you?

You’re pro in some areas.

You have a job, you show up, you work until the end, and when the alarm goes off you don’t ignore it. You might feel the resistance, yet you overcome it.

If you’re a victim of your own internal dialogue then you’re chummy with the resistance.

I reference the peripheral opponents often: the environment, the schedules, and the routines. The biggest obstacle is invisible.

Do you point to the external challenges in your life as barriers? If so, I want you to know that every one, every single one of them, can be overcome. People spend too many resources convincing themselves they should delay and defer.

I have one the hardest sales job in the world. You expect me to show up and cancel fun; however, you might have canceled fun years ago when the resistance thwarted your ambitions of change. Now you bear the burden of unfinished business.

The good news is that, at any moment, you’ve got the opportunity to fight back, take positive action, and move forward.

My word for 2018 is SERVE and if there’s something I can do to help you take action today, reach out and I will be happy to serve you in any way I can.

Never throwing down a jam without taking off from the free throw line,
Coach Ryan

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