PeakFAST is NOT for elite athletes. We’re for athletes with unfinished business. The underdogs who want their shot and the big dogs who are still hungry.

We’re for the athletes who have something deep inside that says there can do more. Be more.

We’re for those ready to put in the sweat. Those who put in the work while others rest. Those who pay it forward and lift their peers up.

No matter the club, the school, or the rivalry…

…We’re Team PeakFAST to the core.

More Than Just Great Coaching

We take pride in the development of our athletes. Not just the physical preparation but the opportunity we have to inspire, lead, and connect with our athletes.

They are people first. They are sons, daughters, students, and friends. There’s no shortage of directions the young athletes are pulled in and we prioritize their total development.

#1. We believe commitment trumps conditioning.
Athletes make a choice to be here and with that comes the knowledge that sometimes you have to come in despite having other things thrown on your plate. We adjust session lengths and intensities to match our athletes, but we hold our athletes to a high standard that not only maximizes the effect of training, but is an important code they can live by.

#2. We believe in discipline over drills.
Discipline is about doing what is required to get better. This starts with prioritization of schedules and creating the time necessary to come in the gym and build their physical strengths. It’s about creating routine and structure that allows our athletes to be successful. Asking athletes to commit 2-4 hours of additional training per week means giving up free time to focus on the benefit. It’s a huge commitment from the athlete. We make sure to meet it with a passion to bring the best that matches their desire to succeed.

#3. Slow cook ‘em
Excellence takes time. And we focus on developmentally appropriate training and recovery for our athletes. This isn’t just a preference, it’s a commitment to what we feel is a service to our athletes. Tricks are for kids. There’s no quick fix here. No increase your vertical by 37” in 6 -weeks. Development takes time and we set our athletes up for the greatest change of sporting success. If you’re searching for the hardest program out there that will make your athlete sick, this isn’t it. If, however, you’re looking for a program that is intelligently designed and manages training stress alongside life, social, and academic stress that athletes face, this is your place.

#4. We not me.
Athletes are part of a team and it’s not always about htem. Although every athlete is here to improve their speed, strength, and stamina (and they will) they cooperate and compete against other athletes to help the whole raise their level of development. It’s a skill that transcends the walls of our gym.

#5 Educate
We take a mentoring style of coaching. WE educate our athletes so they understand not only the skills and drills we are teaching them, but so they can be advocates for their own health, performance, and recovery needs throughout life. It’s important for athletes to understand how to set goals, break them down into steps, and master the process of achieving them.

Success. Any endeavor. Any level.

If you’re looking to equip yourself or your young athlete with the skills necessary to be successful in sport and life, click the link below to get started.

Our program isn’t for everyone. If you’re a parent, please confirm your child wishes to take part in a physical preparation program. If so, they can benefit greatly from the confidence their gain and the achievement they’ll see as a part of our program.

If you’re a great athlete looking to make it to the next level, fill out the form so we can talk about the short and long-term physical traits you need to be successful at the next level.

We look forward to helping you level up your game and your life.